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Commendations and Greetings

If you are a resident of the First District and would like to receive a greeting or congressional commendation to honor a special occasion or achievement, please complete the form below. I would be happy to help you in securing any of the following:

  • Birthday Greetings
  • Academic or after school sponsored youth achievement
  • Extracurricular youth achievement: STEM, STEAM, Science Fair, Spelling Bee, or National, State, or Local Youth Competition
  • Community Service or Philanthropic Achievement
  • Business grand opening or milestone
  • Act of Heroism
  • Rank Promotion or Retirement
  • Anniversary Greetings
  • Church/Bar/Bat Mitzvah or equivalent occasion
  • Wedding
  • Baby’s Birth or Adoption
  • Girl Scout Gold Award or Eagle Scout Ceremony
  • School Graduation & Honor Roll
  • Appointment to public office or recognition for local government or community organization
  • Other acts of public distinction
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